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Local Kine Grindz : Big City Diner Hawaii



Local Kine Grindz : Big City Diner Hawaii

eight08netwp March 22, 2018

“There Is No Finer Diner, Than Big CIty Diner!” Everybody has their own opinion, but I would like to agree so. Great food, great prices, & great staff

Big City Diner has set weekly specials throughout the whole month. Great food, great prices, & great options as well

Pictured above is their Paniolo Burger with Cajun French Fries

I have to admit, at one point of time, I would visit the Big City Diner in Pearlridge with a friend at least once a week sometimes twice. Then I started counting calories. Excercising more. With less frequent visits to Big City Diner Pearlridge. I now treat a visit to Big City Diner Pearlrige as a splurge night or what others would call a “cheat night” lmao

Desserts! You can’t forget about dessert!

More desserts!

And an adult beverage to wash everything down. Pictured above is a “Tan and Black.” Big City Diner offers a wide range of nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks to suite your tastes

Visit their official website over @ http://bigcitydinerhawaii.com/