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Local Kine Grindz : Liliha Bakery



Local Kine Grindz : Liliha Bakery

eight08netwp April 20, 2018

Liliha Bakery is located on 515 North Kuakini Street within Honolulu, Hawaii. Liliha Bakery is open 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Liliha Bakery specializes in baked goods, but are well known for their local style meals that are served within their bakery

Oh la la! What do we have here? A box full of pastries from Liliha Bakery!

Pictured above is their Poi Mochi Donut

Pictured above is an assortment of pastries from Liliha Bakery. The box was filled with pastries prior to taking this photo lmao

Pictured above is their Coco Puffs consisting of a buttery Chantilly frosting on top and chocolate pudding in the center

Pictured above is another photo of their Coco Puffs. Yummy!

Be sure to check out their official website over @ http://www.lilihabakery.com/

Liliha Bakery

515 North Kuakini Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

(808) 531-1651