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Eight08.net: Hawaiian Toyota Outlaws | Sonnel Gonzales



Eight08.net: Hawaiian Toyota Outlaws | Sonnel Gonzales

eight08netwp May 28, 2018

Back in the day. Back to them HRP days aka Hawaii Raceway Park days. Them Bug-In Days. Them Pro Import Days. Them Test & Tune Days. Those days are long gone here on the island of Oahu, Hawaii since Hawaii Raceway Park closed it’s doors back in 2006 but thanks to photos that were taken back then we are able to relive them in the present

Sonnel Gonzales’s “Easy Baby” from back in the day won six “1st Place Trophies” plus cash during the “Bug In” events in the 1980s, and a few “2nd Place Trophies,” a “3rd Place Trophy,” and a “4th Place Trophy” in the early 1990s. With some used & extra parts from the infamous “Little Deuce Coupe” and secret’s from it’s owner “Don Higa,” Sonny Gonzales’s “Easy Baby” was able to propel through the finish line with numerous consistent 13 second victories under it’s belt

Photos courtesy ala Sonnel Gonzales

For more photos of these beautiful Hawaiian Toyota Outlaws, be sure join their Facebook Group over @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/217702465349418/


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