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Oseas Dagdag is bikini, modeling, lifestyle, & automotive freelance photographer based here on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. With a diverse portfolio, Oseas Dagdag has covered everything from classic cars to super cars, and everything in between including event coverages, senior portraits, pageant contestants portfolios, modeling portfolios, and a whole lot more. In our blog interview with Oseas Dagdag, we got to see what’s behind the lense and his thought process with photography in general

Eight08: Hi Oseas, please introduce yourself

Oseas Dagdag: Hi, I’m Oseas Dagdag and I showcase Hawaii’s most beautiful women via my website over at http://www.island-foxes.com

Eight08: How long have you been a photographer?

Oseas Dagdag: I started back in 1995 so that makes it 23 years on this day to be exact

Eight08: How did you get into photography?

Oseas Dagdag: I took a photography class back in high school as well as a yearbook class

Eight08: Did you study photography?

Oseas Dagdag: Not off hand other than the photography class I took back in high school. I learned the basics from my high school photography class, and how to develop black and white film back in the day. I actually have those photos as well stored within my photography collection of memories, knick knacks, and doo dads

Eight08: What’s your favorite photograph you’ve ever taken?

Oseas Dagdag: I actually do have alot of favorite photographs all of which can be found within my website over at http://www.island-foxes.com

Eight08: What equipment do you use now?

Oseas Dagdag: Canon 6D Mark2 along with a host of Canon, Alien Bee, and Pocket Wizard products

Eight08: How much does equipment matter in photography?

Oseas Dagdag: In my humble opinion, 50% equipment 50% photography skills

Eight08: What accessories can’t you live without?

Oseas Dagdag: A GOOD RELIABLE flash head. I didn’t mention any name brands did I?

Eight08: Tell us the importance of post-production in photography. Want to share your basic post production workflow with us?

Oseas Dagdag: Very important. Although I’m not advanced in post production editing, I do my editing in Adobe Photoshop CC and Corel Paint Shop Pro

Eight08: Who inspires you in photography, and why?

Oseas Dagdag: Carlon Abas because he was my mentor back in 1995. We started the Island Foxes Photo Club from 1996 till 1999 comprising of myself, Carlton Abas, Frank Hosaka, Steve Burns, and Darrell Fong

Eight08: Any tips for aspiring photographers? Any tips that a beginning photographer should try?

Oseas Dagdag: Find your niche in photography

Eight08: Now we are going to get a bit more personal with Oseas before we end this interview. When you are not doing photography, what do you do to pass the time?

Oseas Dagdag: I enjoy flying my drones that being my DJI Inspire 1 and my DJI Spark. I also enjoy raising my salt water fish

Eight08: What are your hobbies or interests other than your love for photography?

Oseas Dagdag: Watching anime and gaming on my XBOX

Eight08: What do you drive?

Oseas Dagdag: 2001 Honda Civic: full custom sounds by JSP Auto Audio, aftermarket catback exhaust system by Exhaust Systems Hawaii, aftermarket wheels & tires, and lowered on Eibach springs

Eight08: Favorite quote?

Oseas Dagdag: Live life like there’s no tomorrow

Eight08: Any shout outs?

Oseas Dagdag: Thank you to Carlton Abas for helping me hone my photography skills, and Peter Rosario for introducing to me the concept of showcasing my photography via a website into the world wide web which I now call home over at http://www.island-foxes.com

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