Hawaii Lowriders Meet & Greet for Lucky Armas of Individuals Car Club

eight08netwp 4 years ago

Oahu’s Lowriding community got together on a Saturday afternoon to welcome Lucky Armas of Individuals Car Club and his family during their vacation here in Hawaii Nei. As the sun began to set, car clubs including the likes of Elite Car Club, Dukes Car Club Hawaii Chapter, Defiance Car Club, Supremacy Car Club, Imaginations Car Club, Childhood Dreams Car Club, Outsiders Car Club, Tru Rydaz Car Club Hawaii Chapter, Abanes Garage, and a whole lot more including solo riders started trickling into the location to where the meet & greet was being held that being JSP Auto Audio

As the evening began to set, it was time to bless the food that everyone had brought and share the blessings amongst one another

Good times, good friends, and lowriders. What more can you ask for in life