Rem·i·nisce | To indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events | 9.9.05

eight08netwp 1 year ago

Rem·i·nisce: to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. Reminisce is a dreamy way of saying “remember the past.” Reminiscing is all about happy recollections and thinking back to events from the past. For yours truly, the photos found within this post brings me back to a Sunday afternoon in September 2005 celebrating both Cesar Baguio and Wendy Molina’s birthdays with the familia at the now defunct Club Viet Pearls. My oh my have we all grown older LMAO

Ride In Paradise Cesar “Jong Jong” Bagiuo. Always remembered. Never forgotten

Supremacy Car Club | Est. 1993 – Present



Peter Rosario