Unite Here Local 5 21st Annual Delegates Convention

eight08netwp 8 months ago

The Unite Here Local 5 organization held their 21st Annual Delegate Convention for 2019 on Tuesday, September 17th and 18th, 2019 within the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach resort bringing together delegates and committee leaders alike for two days of inspiring and motivating speeches and actions

The obligatory momento shot. Pictured towards the left of yours truly is Committee Leader Louie Bernardo, Delegate and Committee Leader Epifania Tagaca, Delete and Committee Leader Millette Diego, and Delegate and Committee Leader Victor Tabios. We are the mighty, mighty Red Rangers! Hale Nani Local 5!

Awww suki suki! I got myself a momento or two from the Unite Here Local 5 21st Annual Delegates Convention! A Unite Here lanyard and a Unite Here Local 5 21st Annual Delegates Convention badge FTW!

Out of respect for Unite Here Local 5’s 21st Annual Delegates Convention, I restrained myself from taking photos within the convention itself but as you can see from the photo below I drank as much free coffee as I could

With my favorite and the best organizer at Unite Here Local 5 Cindy Aban. Unite Here Local 5’s Hale Nani Organizer Cindy Aban has played an integral role in organizing, preparing, and putting forth numerous actions prior to the Hale Nani 1 Day Strike warning which was held on Friday, August 2nd, 2019 and numerous actions & delegations there after. Cindy Aban continues to motivate & inspire the numerous Committee Leaders that can be found within the Hale Nani property into the future with Immigrational & Citizenship Workshops, Community Outreach, and Political & Nationwide based campaigns

Taking a photo of a photographer taking a photo. The man behind the camera is Bryant de Venecia who is the Communications Organizer for Unite Here Local 5

Unite Here Local 5 Staff Members, Delegates, Shop Stewards, and Committee Leaders held an action aka rally on the pool deck of the Modern Honolulu Hotel during Day 1 of the Unite Here Local 5 21st Annual Delegates Convention


Peter Rosario

Hale Nani Local 5