EIGHT08 Virtual Photo Tour: Moanalua Gardens

eight08netwp 3 years ago

Moanalua Gardens is a 26 acre public garden located about 5 miles (8 km) northwest of Downtown, Honolulu

Moanalua Gardens is home to a variety of rare plants, trees, a koi pond, a nearby stream, and historic structures such as the King Kamehameha V cottage

Pictured above is the historic King Kamehameha V cottage. Found towards the right of the King Kamehameha V cottage is a taro patch and koi pond adding even further beauty to this majestic historic structure

Found predominately towards the center and the outer borders of Moanalua Gardens are Monkey Pod trees also known as the Hitachi Tree

A second koi pond can be found fronting a historic Japanese Hall that can be found within the grounds of Moanalua Gardens

Fast fact: the Moanalua Gardens is the actually site where the world famous Prince Lot Hula Festival takes place on the third weekend in July every year

Moanalua Gardens is located on 2850 Moanalua Road A in Honolulu, Hawaii. The hours of operation for Moanalua Gardens are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. and is closed during the weekends


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