Nineties Forever | Import Euro Lowrider Evening Cruise | 5.29.21

eight08netwp 2 years ago

CRUISING: /ˈkro͞oziNG/ 1.the action of driving about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure. For yours truly and members of Supremacy Car Club and Childhood Dreams Car Club, this particular Import Euro Lowrider Evening Cruise wasn’t intended. It was an impromptu cruise to say at the very least

I had met up with Scott, Jo Ann, and Nikki Miller, Eric and Grace Mizushima, and Brannan and Misty Kajitani earlier in the afternoon within the Pearl City area so we could all roll in together to attend our fellow club member son’s Drive By Graduation Celebration ie Dylan Valiente’s Drive By Graduation Drive By Celebration ? that was being held within the Central Oahu Regional Park. Damien C/O 2021 ?

As it began to get dark, we all decided to head home. Roll in together. Roll out together. It sounded like a plan. Until someone ? had a bright idea ? of driving to Waikiki for an evening Import Euro Lowrider Cruise just like the good ol’ days ? I dropped off my Lexus at home and rode shotgun with Jo Ann Miller enabling yours truly to capture video content from the passenger side of her 1991 EF Hatch. And this is where our adventure ie our Import Euro Lowrider Evening Cruise began ?

Pictured above ☝️ is Scott Miller’s 1989 Honda Civic sitting on 15×7 standard wire wheels wrapped in 165/50/15 tires rocking a (1) pump hydraulic setup incorporating (1) manifold dump and (4) accumulators. Juice for the hydraulic setup is provided by (3) Napa Group 31 batteries

Pictured above ☝️ is Brannan Kajitani’s 1990 Honda Civic sitting on 13×7 reverse wire wheels wrapped in 195/50/13 tires rocking a (2) pump whammy hydraulic setup incorporating (4) square Adex dumps and (4) accumulators. Juice for the hydraulic setup is provided by (4) Napa Group 31 batteries

Pictured above and below is Eric Mizushima’s 1991 Honda Civic sitting on Tien coilovers, 15×7 SSR Bang Vec IIs wrapped in 195/50/15 tires, and rocking a full kamanari body kit. Fun fact number one ☝️ this particular civic is a “survivor” from the car show days back in the 90s and has been kept in mint condition since then. Fun fact number two ✌️ this particular civic is insured for 12K under State Farm Insurance and their Classic Car policy. 30 year old Old School X Import FTW ?

They see me rollin’ They hatin’ Patrolling and tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty ? Fun fact: Jo Ann Miller and yours truly got pulled over by our friends in the blue and white, and our video content shenanigans abruptly stopped ?‍♂️ even before reaching Waikiki ?

And we made it to our favorite location for a pit stop and photo ops that being the Aloha Island Mart in Waikiki ?

And it was time to head home. Hana Hou ?


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