EIGHT08 Featured Ride: Chad Domingo’s 1993 Nissan Homy

eight08netwp 3 months ago

Chad Domingo has always been into owning and modifying older cars and trucks. Owning and modifying older import cars and trucks to be exact of the 2 door variety, but Chad Domingo was in search of a vehicle that could be used safely in the streets and comfortably fit his family and himself during their weekend cruises here in Oahu Nei which led to the purchase of a 1993 Nissan Homy that can be found within this blog

Owner: Chad Domingo

Vehicle: 1993 Nissan Homy

Exterior: retrofitted NLA VW Parts roof rack (VW T2 Bay window). LED headlights. Hyper yellow driving lights

Interior: Altezza Designo steering wheel. Samurai shifter handle

Wheels/tires: 17×8 Vision wheels wrapped in Primewell Velera Sport AS 215/45ZR17 tires. Sickspeed gold lug nuts with spikes

Suspension: lowered via reindexing the front torsions and incorporating 3″ lowering blocks towards the rear

Sounds: Alpine CDE 175BT head unit. Sundown 2000 watt amplifier. (2) JL W3 12″ subwoofers. 5.5 Alpine coaxials

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