OSIXHI Malasada Meet | 5.18.19

eight08netwp 3 years ago

Cars & Malasadas! That’s what went down on May 18th, 2019 at the Waikele Shopping Center on a Saturday afternoon with none other that Old School Imports X Hawaii aka OSIXHI and their guest for the event all the way San Diego, California Deniis Kiyan of Team Wild Cards


Aaron Rideout’s brought out his right hand drive Subaru Sambar rocking a Volkswagen Bus conversion to the OSIXHI Malasada Meet

Fun fact: The Subaru Sambar is a cabover Kei truck and microvan manufactured by Subaru, a division of Fuji Heavy Industries, specifically for the Japanese market. The Subaru Sambar is available in both microvan and Kei truck to fulfull the Kei car guidlines

Eldin Tomas’s always out & about with his “Rockefeller Gray”1967 Volkswagen Beetle representing none other than the Hawaiian VW Outlaws

Alfred Decierdo rolled in with his immaculately built show winning 1964 Volkswagen Beetle which we’ve had the honor & priviledge of featuring on our website over @ www.eight08.net. Be sure to check it out over @ http://eight08.net/blog/2019/03/05/eight08-net-featured-ride-alfred-decierdos-1964-volkswagen-beetle-3-2-19/

Before heading home, I decided to stop by the Dick’s Lechon food truck for a 2 choice plate lunch consisting of their Pork Belly Lechon, Pork Lumpia, and two scoops rice. Broke da mouth!