Old School Imports Hawaii Mahalosgivinnversary Meet & Greet | 11.23.19

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Friday, November 22nd, 2019. 4:52 p.m. Kicking it on a Friday afternoon with my 2003 Lexus IS300. Two days away from it’s motor swap. Less than 24 hours away from OSIXHI’s 5th Annual Mahalosgivinniversary Meet & Greet. My 2003 Lexus IS300 had been sitting as a garage ornament for roughly a year and a half due it’s knocking motor. I needed to know if my 2003 Lexus IS300 would be able to travel from Aiea, Hawaii to Waipahu, Hawaii for it’s motor swap and what a better way than to test drive it for a total of four blocks to and from the OSIXHI’s 5th Annual Mahalosgivinniversary Meet & Greet the following day

Front driver side tire 0 psi. Front passenger side tire 20 psi. Rear driver side tire 10 psi. Rear passanger side tire 15 psi. It was time to inflate the tires. After inflating the tires and tightening up the battery terminals, I decided to take a couple more cigarette breaks and a photo op before the sun set and settle in for the evening

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019. 4:09 p.m. My 2003 Lexus IS300 and yours truly made it to the OSIXHI’s 5th Annual Mahalosgivinniversay Meet & Greet. The motor was sputtering, tapping, clanking, and sounding like a WRX while the brakes were squealing  the entire 2 blocks from my home towards the location to where the OSIXHI’s 5th Annual Mahalosgivinniversay Meet & Greet was being held

THE 5th Annual “Old School Imports Hawaii Mahalosgivinnversary Meet & Greet” presented by Old School Imports Hawaii aka OSIXHI was held on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 at Pearlridge Shopping Center bringing together old school imports & like minded automotive enthusiasts on a Saturday afternoon

This year’s particular “ Mahalosgivinnversary Meet & Greet ” was held in celebration & recognition of OSIXHI aka Old School Imports Hawaii and it’s five years of existence since it started organizing meets throughout the island of Oahu and it’s close knit community it has created. 5 years strong & many, many, many more years to come!

Car clubs & teams in attendance included Section D, SMG Hawaii, Club, the Hawaiian VW Outlaws, and a whole lot more including a host of solo riders who could more than hold it down on their own

Pictured above is my old time friend Chad Domingo whom I’ve known for probably 29 years now wiping down his 1976 Datsun Pickup which he personally body worked and sprayed a custom mixed burgundy hue. Fun fact: I was asked by a friend to join a car club back in 1991 that being Tiny Booms Car Club and Chad Domingo was it’s President at the time. I joined Tiny Booms Car Club at the time, and has come to befriend Chad since then crossing paths with him numerously throughout the years via car meets, car cruises, and car shows

Pictured above is Mike Whaley’s 1973 Toyota Corolla Coupe rocking a custom midnight blue paint job with a Honda S2000 F20C motor stuff beneath it’s hood. Mike Whaley’s 1973 Toyota Corolla Coupe is a prime example of a car that was built in the early 2000s and has withstood the test of time

Pictured above and below is Justin Viloria’s 1992 Toyota Mark 2 repainted in a custom dark olive green metallic hue sitting on BC Racing Coilovers. One of the more eye catching upgrades to Justin Viloria’s 1992 Toyota Mark are the wheels consisting of a pair of Work Miester 18×9.5 +11 wheels up front and Work Miester 18×10 +11 wheels towards the rear. One of the more unique aspects of Justin Viloria’s 1992 Toyota Mark 2 is that it’s engine bay has a non vvti twin turbo twin intake 1JZ stuffed into it. All in all, a Toyota Mark 2 that drops jaws where ever it may roam whether it be in the streets, in the meets, or in the shows

Pictured above and below is James Pascua’s 1958 Volkswagen Convertible Sedan rocking a two tone paint scheme, a full Limebug Air Ride kit, and aftermarket Radar wheels on all four corners

With that said, on behalf of www.eight08.net, I’d like to congratulate my OSIXHI Ohana for their 5th Annual Mahalosgivinnversary Meet & Greet and many, many, many more to come!

Happy Thanksgivings X Happy Holidays,

Peter Rosario

And it was time to head home. Two blocks away from home. Will the motor blow, or will we make it home? Stay tuned. Same EIGHT08 time, same EIGHT08 channel, same EIGHT08 blog

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