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Chambers Escape Games brings the most immersive, high-tech, and exciting escape game experiences from around the world straight to our island of Oahu Nei

Chambers Escape Games is located on 550 Helekauwila Street, Unit #201 in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. Chambers Escape Games offers both Live Games and Virtual Reality Games and are reasonably priced

Our party of five decided to go with their Virtual Reality “Space Station Tiberia” Escape Room with a maximum gameplay duration time of 45 minutes

Prior to our Virtual Reality gameplay, we were given instructions via our Virtual Reality Game Master Trent and outfitted with their VR peripherals

Fun fact: If any of you have ever wondered how it is to work on a Covid Unit with FULL PPE, well here is your chance to experience it somewhat via Chambers Escape Games. Slap on your N95 mask, head on to town, and play one of the virtual reality games via Chambers Escape Games. I can guarantee your forehead, your VR peripheral, and your face mask will be sweat drenched AF similar to that of working on a Covid Unit upon escaping one of Chamber Escape Games’s numerous virtual reality escape rooms

And we escaped the “Space Station Tiberia” Escape Room with a time of 39 minutes out of the 45 minutes worth of game time that we were alloted and were reward with two nifty badges that are pictured above. Much Mahalos to our personable, witty, and hint friendly Virtual Reality Game Master Trent for assisting in our very first virtual reality experience be much more fun. Our party of five are now official Escape Masters 💪 Along with receiving those two nifty badges upon escape, players will also recieve a photo momento as well as video footage from their virtual reality experience 🙌

As for our virtual reality gameplay, that being the “Space Station Siberia” in our case, it was very, very, very immersive, interactive and challenging with numerous puzzles per say allowing one to disconnect from reality and to focus on the task on hand which was escaping from the inner cabin of the space station. The graphics were very, very, very realistic as well. I for one am afraid of heights, and I was afraid to look down and/or walk atop the glass floor of our space cabin in fear of the floor cracking and plummeting to my demise towards our planet earth down below

Upon escaping the inner confines of the space station’s cabin, I was quite surprised to find our group had been teleported atop the space station’s space platform. Once again, very immersive and interactive in regards to the puzzle solving that needed to be accomplished, and very realistic in regards to the graphics. I was afraid, yes once again due to my fear of heights, to walk towards the guard rails that prevented yours truly from falling down towards our planet earth courtesy of Chambers Escape Games

As our party of five were frantically trying to solve the puzzles atop the space station as the clocked ticked away, numerous comets or should I say never ending comets fell from space as it hit our space station. Once again, very immersive, interactive, and very realistic. I was afraid once again, YES I know I have written the word afraid (3) times already within this blog, that the comets would hit yours truly on my head and provide a jolt of electricity via the VR headset attached to my face due to not following game mechanics ie not moving, ducking, and weaving as the comets fell from space 🤣 The bonus addon virtual reality Haunted Hospital gameplay is a story all in itself 😱

As for yours truly, I have been an avid gamer on both Console and PC for easily over three decades but have never been a fan of virtual reality gameplay nor had an interest in it. Chamber Escape Games’s virtual reality escapes has definitely changed my perspective and even more so when allowing you to share your virtual reality experiences amongst friends in real time and in real space

All in all, an overall awesome, exhilerating, and even frightening experience thanks to the folks over at Chamber Escape Games. Hana Hou 🤙

Be sure to check out Chambers Escape Games over at their official website, and don’t forget to book yourselves a virtual reality escape room experience via CEG 💪 EIGHT08 Approved 💯


Peter Rosario

Chamber Escape Games

550 Helekauwila Street, Unit #201

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813



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