EIGHT08 EATS: Restaurant Osaka | Hilo, Hawaii

eight08netwp 5 months ago

Restaurant Osaka is located on 762 Kanoelehua Avenue in Hilo, Hawaii. Restaurant Osaka offers an extensive menu which includes Japanese, Korean, American, and local favorites. Their hours of operation are Wednesday through Monday 10:30 a.m. till 9 p.m. and closed on Tuesdays

Pictured above and below is their Osaka Saimin priced at $10.00. YUMMY as in all capitals. Loved the texture of the noodles, and the broth was very rich and comforting. Verdict: (5) out of (5) Shakas 🤙

Pictured below is their Tonkatsu Combo priced at $19.50

Their Tonkatsu Combo consisted of Tonkatsu, Teriyaki Chicken, Fried Mandoo, a Mac Salad. and 2 scoops of rice. Verdict: (4) out of (5) Shakas 🤙

Pictured above and below is their Cream Cheese Mandoo. My first time coming across a mandoo of this variety 🙃 Verdict: (2.5) out of (5) Shakas 🤙 I will try anything once ☝️ but I should have stuck with the traditional mandoo 🤣

Pictured above and below is their Misoyake Butterfish. Their Misoyake Butterfish was on point and then some 👍 Verdict: (5) out of (5) Shakas 🤙

Happy Eats,

Peter Rosario


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