EIGHT08 BLOGS: Crouching Lion Trail

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The Crouching Lion Trail is a half mile intermediate rated trail primarily used for hiking located in Kawaa, Hawaii

Short, steep, and sweet, the Crouching Lion Trail provides stunning and breathtaking views of Kahana Bay, the town of Kaawa down below, and the cliffs of Pu’u Manamana from afar

Proper hiking footwear is a must. Microspikes, as pictured below, will come in handy when the trail becomes muddy and slippery. Be sure to bring bottled water, sunscreen, and/or your phone, camera, drone for some sick shots

Fun fact: I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS. Like SCARED AF. Upon reaching the very first plateau, I decided to set up camp while the rest of my party decided to venture off to even higher adventures within the trail

SMILE 😊 You’re on EIGHT08 🤙

The Crouching Tiger Trail is named after a rock formation along the hike that from the right angle, looks like a lion laying down

Disclaimer: The Crouching Lion Trail is technically closed and an illegal trail to go hiking within, and the State of Hawaii does not recommend you doing so. Hike at your own risk ✌️

Safe Trails,

Peter Rosario

Crouching Tiger Trail

51-676 Kamehameha Highway

Kaaawa, Hawaii 96730


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