EIGHT08 EATS: Cafe 100

eight08netwp 1 year ago

Cafe 100 is located on 969 Kilauea Avenue in the heart of Hilo, Hawaii

Known for their Loco Mocos, Cafe 100 offers 30 varieties of Loco Mocos as well as pupu platters, plate lunches, and other local favorites

Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. till 7 p.m. and closed during the weekends

Pictured below is their Double Moco, their Aloha Friday Special, and their BLT Club Sandwhich

Pictured below is their Double Moco in all it’s gravy goodness priced reasonably at $9.78

Pictured below is their BLT Sandwhich reasonably priced at $4.45

Pictured below is their Aloha Friday Special consisting of Beef Stew, Luau, Mac Salad, and (2) scoops rice

All in all, Cafe 100 is my kind of drive inn. Good eats, reasonably priced, and generous portions 👍

Happy Eats,

Peter Rosario


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