Happy Belly Eatery Grand Opening X Lowrider Meet X Cruise | 1.31.01

eight08netwp 2 years ago

Date: Sunday, January 31st, 2021. Time: 2:45 P.M. Location: Waimalu, Aiea. Destination: Happy Belly Eatery Lowrider Meet & Cruise. Chilling on a Sunday afternoon with a White Claw Hard Seltzer in hand waiting for the homies to pick up yours truly. ETA: 3 P.M.

Time: 3: 02 P.M. and the home boys have arrived ? Time for a photo ? op ? Old Image Car Club is in da hizzouse ?

Time: 3:21 P.M. Rolling out to the Happy Belly Eatery Lowrider Meet & Cruise riding shotgun with Leahi Castro in his 1960 Cadillac Coupe Deville ? ? ?

The Happy Belly Eatery Food Truck held their Grand Opening and Lowrider Meet & Cruise on Sunday, January 31st, 2021 on Kamehameha Highway within the Pearlridge Shopping Center

SMILE ? You’re on EIGHT08 ? Pictured above from left to right is yours truly, Daniel Delos Santos of Old Image Car Club, Jonathon Magbual of Old Image Car Club, and Ryan Callejo of Club Lexus Hawaii ?

Another selfie ? opportunity ? but this time around with my cuzzos Rhonie Salvosa and Sherry Balanay ? and a quick bite ? or ✌️ two from the Happy Belly Eatery Food Truck before the photography ? and ? videography shenanigans begins ?

Car clubs in attendance included none other than hosting club Old Image Car Club, USO Car Club Hawaii Chapter, Dukes Car Club Hawaii Chapter, Lowriders Pride Car Club, Childhood Dreams Car Club, Timeless Car Club, Affliated Hawaii, Unity Car Club, Pamilya Always Car Club, Tru Rydaz Car Club, and a whole lot more including solo riders who could more than hold it down on their own

Time: 6 P.M. Destination: Where ever the road may lead us ? Waikiki to be exact ? for an evening cruise ?

Ice Cream ? Stop ? and another photo opportunity ? Making memories with the homies via www.eight08.net ?

And we somehow ended up at the Hawaii Theaters during our drive back home ? from the Diamond Head Lookout ? Go figure ?

but that’s another story ? and an entirely different blog ?

Hana Hou,

Peter Rosario


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